Testimonials/Client Comments

"When it comes to a business not only concerned with making money, but actually concerned about the customers and their most loyal friends, their animals, Dog Splash is the place to go. Heidi Gustafson, owner of Dog Splash, realizes that we are in very hard economic times and has groomed pets for people pro-bono. There aren’t many businesses in this country that will actually spend their time giving something for free. Although times are tough even for Dog Splash, Heidi gives from her heart and really cares about the animals. Not only is this a grooming shop, you can also purchase high quality food, dental care products for pets and toys. I hereby nominate Dog Splash, a small business in Chicago , to receive grant and marketing support from Shinealight."

"Dog Splash is more than just a grooming salon and spa for our furry friends in the world. Dog Splash is a place to go to have your treasured pets cared for and loved just as much, if not more, than they are loved and cared for at home. The staff at Dog Splash truely love their job! The staff treat you and your pet with kindness, consideration, and respect. The owner, Heidi, purchased this Chicago business to pursue her own dreams, and while doing that has made dreams come true for all of the customers that enter their shop. The animals are welcomed in and pampered like no where else. Heidi's small business is an example of dreams coming true. The shop inspires animal lovers and pet owners by their demonstration of care for the animals they serve. Additionally, the shop inspirespotential business owners by being a marvelous example of one's dreams coming true. Heidi loved animals and did something with it. Heidi put her love for animals into a beautiful shop, Dog Splash. Now her love for animals can be seen and felt by all who walk into her shop. Dog Splash is not only a great business, but an inspiring business. A woman-owned business like Dog Splash is empowering and inspiring to all women to put their dreams into reality!"
- hmulcahy311

"When the company we worked for made changes and her position was eliminated due to costs cutting/off shoring Heidi took the opportunity to do something that allowed her to pursue her passion for animals. A local pet salon owner was getting ready to retire and even with the economy being what it was she took a risk and purchased the pet salon. She didn’t want the community to lose a neighborhood icon. Everyone at Dog Splash is wonderful and acts as if your pet is the favorite of the salon. When they leave each “client” gets a bandanna and is treated with love and kindness while visiting the salon. I don’t know what we would have done if Heidi didn’t purchase Dog Splash. Our pets love going there. She took a bad situation and made a better life for herself."














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