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Is it necessary to brush my dog's teeth?

Regular tooth brushing helps prevent periodontal disease which is one of the most common health problems they experience. Providing pets with sterilized bones, string toys, & unbleached rawhide are just a few items that also help.

Dog Splash offers a variety of chews, toys, and even tooth brush & paste sets. Please visit the store to see our current selection.


We offer a variety of toys, treats, and other items. Please visit our store to see our current selection as we are always adding new merchandise.

Canidae All Natural Pet Foods
All natural, human grade, holistic pet foods made with NO corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, fillers or by-products – and are naturally preserved!
Solid Gold Solid Gold
Solid Gold is proud to offer our award winning foods and supplements. Our products are all natural, holistic, and do not contain any chemical preservatives. Our premium dry food line includes our popular Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog Food , Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food. We also carry Just a Wee Bit, Wolf King, Holistique, and Indigo Moon All Life Stages Cat food. All our dry foods use premium ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives
Natural Espree
The Espree product line consists of natural, pesticide-free animal care and grooming products to meet the specific needs of your pet safely and naturally. From allergies to arthritis, from insect-related skin problems to minor mishaps, Espree provides a quality natural alternative product for your pet.
Red Dingo
Red Dingo is an Australian company that designs unique stainless pet id tags, collars with "Bucklebone" and "Fishclip" buckles, and leads with patented "Dog Bite" clips. Their products are sure to turn tail waggers' heads!
Kong makes a wide array of products for dogs and cats. From their original Kong toys to plush toys KONG offers everything your pet could want in terms of quality and durability.
Free Range Dog Chews
Manufacturers of bones, bully sticks, natural chews and more. Their Free Range meaty, marrow-filled bones are from Brazilian cattle that are grass fed only resulting in lean meat and lower fat throughout. Typical beef bones need to be boiled and/or cooked at a high temperature which unfortunately can cause stress cracks in the bones and a more likely chance of splintering. Raw bones are popular but can quickly become rancid and bacteria laden. Their 100% natural, low-fat bones are slow roasted at a low temperature which is the happy medium and a perfect choice for your pet!

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