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How do I know if my pet needs nail trimming?

Left unchecked, nails can grow painfully long. If your pet is standing upright and nails are touching the ground, this is a good indicator that nails need to be trimmed. Taking walks on pavement also helps to buff nails down.


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During the bath, our bathing system stimulates blood flow at the skin's surface with a combination of air and massaging action. It leaves the coat thoroughly clean and the skin beneath healthier than ever. Our grooming products are all natural and pesticide-free. A 5-10 minute massage is given to calm and relax your pet during their bathing experience. Each Spa Package includes a fragrance of choice & bandana or bows. When calling to inquire, keep in mind that our prices are estimates and vary depending on size, temperament, and condition of coat.

Basic Bath

Includes a deep cleansing massage bath, blow dry, & light brush out. (Excess hair or matted coats are an additional charge.)

Small Dog
$20 - $25
Medium Dog
$25 - $35
Large Dog

Cut & Style Spa Packages

Puppy Package
Because these little ones need extra gentle care, we offer a package just for them. At your scheduled appointment, we will discuss grooming options depending on the needs of your new puppy. We will also provide you tips and written instructions on how to best take care of your pet between visits.
$20 - $35
Essentials Package
Includes a deep cleansing massage bath, blow dry, light brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and furnishings are trimmed as needed.
$25 - $65+
Indulgence Package
Includes a deep cleansing massage bath, blow dry, full brush out, ear cleaning, pawicure, cut & style.
$40 - $90+

Spa Packages For Felines

Splash Urban Eyes
Includes a deep cleansing massage bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.
Scissor Trim
Lion Cut

Dog Splash Treats

Blueberry Facial
Ear Cleaning
Ear Cleaning with Hair Plucked
plucking is done when needed
Nail Trimming
Nail Pawlish
Nails are trimmed, filed, and an all natural paw balm is applied.
Teeth Brushing
Teeth are brushed with a minty fresh pet toothpaste and a breath spray is given to control bad breath and promote healthy gums. One of the most common health problems that dogs experience is periodontal disease. Regular teeth brushing helps.
Shed Reduction
Your pet is given a deep cleansing massage bath and conditioning treatment that separates the hair follicles and fortifies circulation. A high velocity dryer separates & eliminates loose and excess hair. Thorough brushing and combing combined with the use of a de-shedding tool reveals a healthy, shiny top coat. Our shed reduction process is an effective method of removing undercoat to reduce shedding by approximately 60-80%. It is even more effective with regular treatments performed every 4-6 weeks. Regular brushing at home will maintain your pets top coat.
Aloe Herb Hot Oil Treatment
A soothing, relaxing treatment that is great for dry skin.
Allergy Treatment
Cleanses the hair of dander, saliva, and sebaceous gland secretions, the antigens considered to be the prime cause of allergic reactions. Formulated specifically for dogs, cats, and for people who are allergic.
Moisturizing Treatment
This conditioning formula penetrates the hair shaft and revitalizes the skin and coat. Recommended for medium to long coats.
Express Grooming
  • Under 2 hours for a smaller dog (under 40lbs.) Additional $10
  • Under 2.5 hours for a medium sized dog (40-60 lbs.) Additional $15
  • Under 3 hours for a large breed (over 60lbs.) Additional $20



Dog Splash Gift Cards are available for purchase. Please inquire when you visit the spa or call us at 773-761-WOOF for details.


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