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How should I prepare my puppy for grooming?

Begin early with your puppy by massaging ears, paws, teeth and gums, and even light brushing. More often than not, they will not be bothered by a grooming experience. It's also a good way to bond with your pet!


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About Dog Splash

Established in 2004, Dog Splash is a day spa and boutique for pets. At Dog Splash we take a holistic approach to grooming. We provide an environment for pets that is both relaxing and as stress free as possible. We focus on individualized gentle care and quality time spent with each pet. In order to achieve harmony during their visit, we incorporate aroma therapy treatments by request, and deep cleansing massage baths using all natural grooming products. Our location is designed with you and your pet's comfort in mind. All grooming is done in the front of the salon, so you can see everything that happens.

Hours of Operation

Monday by appointment
Wednesday - Sat 8-5
8am drop-off is available by request. Our phone recording will alert you of specific days we will be closed. Dog Splash is closed Holidays.


Booking Reservations:

Although we schedule dogs and cats by appointment, we also welcome walk-ins. We limit the number of pets we service in one day to ensure the highest quality. From start to finish, a pet grooming at Dog Splash lasts from one to four hours depending on which services are being provided. Dogs are given bottled water during their stay. When your pet is ready, we’ll call you so you can pick them up as soon as their grooming is completed. Upon arrival, your stylist will discuss any problems found such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas, etc. You will also receive written instructions on how to best care for your pet between visits.

It is best to book appointments in advance. Scheduling an appointment and keeping it every 4-6 weeks may ensure a fixed grooming rate. Prices will vary depending on condition of the coat. Last appointments are scheduled no later than 3pm depending on breed and condition. Because we believe in making your pet's stay with us as stress free as possible, we do not rush through their experience. If you need your pet ready at a specific time, please let us know when scheduling your appointment.



Upon your first visit, you will need to fill out our Parent & Pet Profile Card. Please be sure to bring your pet's current vet records to your scheduled appointment.

About Heidi Gustafson, Owner and Head Pet Stylist:

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a great love of animals. My mom had a lot to do with that. When I was growing up in Oak Lawn, she was always rescuing baby birds, rabbits and squirrels. She was even bitten by a lion once when she tried to pet it. (The owner of a pet shop was keeping it as a pet.) We always had some kind of pet in the house, from a dog, to a rabbit, guinea pig, mice, turtles, even snakes.

Although I had been working in the business world for years, my love and interest in animals continued. Acting on this passion, I enrolled in the Academy Of Dog Grooming Arts in Arlington Heights where I learned the skills that I use on your dogs and cats today. Upon graduation I worked part-time as a Pet Stylist under previous Dog Splash owner Myrza Cozzi. With Myrza I learned the art of hand stripping as well as refined my scissoring skills. After the company I worked for full-time started making changes and outsourcing work, I was able to make the change from part-time dog groomer, to full-time dog groomer and business owner.

Today I continue to update my skills and knowledge by attending conventions such as the HH Backer Show & seminars provided by the All American Grooming Show. I keep up with the current trends by reading books and magazines such as the ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs, Ultimate Dog Grooming, Notes From The Grooming Table, Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Pet Business, Modern Dog, etc.

At Dog Splash, we are committed to providing your grooming experience in a safe and clean environment. From one animal lover to another, I am excited to be here, and be able to deliver you and your pet the highest quality of service.

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